Supremely balanced beer

Something is going on in the old Antwerp harbour.

Two icons, the Hoppenbrouwers family and Felix Pakhuis, forged a band of brothers through their common passion for the proud Belgian beer tradition.

The Hoppenbrouwers family has tons of experience in brewing beer. After all Hoppenbrouwers means brewers of hop beer. Where the Hoppenbrouwers family’s experience lies in brewing beer, Felix Pakhuis’ experience lies in pouring beer and they do that with a grandeur reflecting the Felix Pakhuis building’s splendor and history.

Through both icons’ shared passion for beer, an experimental brewery brewing limited batches of beer in the Felix Pakhuis cellars, was born.

As an historical depot for hop and barley, situated next to a street that used to be a channel supplying clear water to the nearby breweries, Felix Pakhuis is as embedded in the great Belgian beer tradition as the Hoppenbrouwers family.
The first creation of the newly established brewery goes by the name of “Bolder”. 

Bolder is as steadfast as the its translation from Dutch e.i. mooring post. It is a no-nonsense Belgian special beer with 7,5% of alcohol, brewed for a moment of unbridled enjoyment.

Bolder also stands for uncomplicated boldness: what you see is what you get. Bolder’s craftsmanship is echoed by its design featuring a unique font that consolidates the beer’s ownable, stylish and bold identity. A bold but esthetic approach designed to entice both women and men.



Brouwers Vliet


Since 1321 AD it has been allowed in the “Low Countries” to brew beer using Hop instead of Gruyt. In those days brewing with hop was rather unusual.

Those who brewed using Hop were called “Hoppenbrouwer” which is Dutch for brewer of Hop beer. Gijs Hoppenbrouwers, born in 1355 as the son of a brewer in Den Bosh was one of them.


The current Brouwersvliet –old Dutch for “Brewers’ channel” – was already excavated as ditch around 1400 AD. Later on this ditch was further excavated allowing vessels up to 80 tons to navigate it. Little later the channel was officially branded Brouwersvliet or “Brewers’channel” because small boats sourced fresh water from the Rupel river to supply the nearby breweries.

Felix Pakhuis


Felix Pakhuis, situated near Brouwersvliet was built in neo-classic style in 1858 AD based on a design by Felix Pauwels.


Het pakhuis diende voor opslag van – aanvankelijk koloniale – bulkgoederen zoals suiker, tabak, thee en koffie, hop, graan, kaas en wijn.



Many generations after Gijsbrecht Hoppenbrouwers, the Hoppenbrouwers family has started to live up to their surname again.


As such the three Hoppenbrouwers brothers – Tom, Michaël and Kristof- brewed their first Bolder in the house where they grew up.


The Felix Pakhuis owners Ivo De Beer and Tom Leclef, assisted by their chef and foodie Bart Huybrechts had always wanted to brew their own beer in the historical cellars of Felix Pakhuis.

Felix Pakhuis and the Hoppenbrouwers family decided to work together and … the new brewery Felix Hoppenbrouwers was born.




Beer on tap


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